First Post

So I’m currently in Ulaanbaatar on the SIT program Mongolia: Nomadic Culture and Development. We’ve been staying in the city currently in a hotel but I’m meeting and moving in with my host family tomorrow. I’ll put up some pictures as soon as I hook up my camera to my computer.

I’ve been learning the language, which is not particularly easy. The Cyrillic alphabet is not particularly well suited for it. In order to accomodate the vowels they’ve divided ‘y’ into two separate ‘y’s, one higher and rounder and the other lower and in the front. There’s also the theta which was taken directly from the IPA. Note, linguistics is kind of helping with grammar rules.

I bought riding boots. I went with warm over high quality soles, but its pretty cold here so I think it was a good trade.

Well thats it. First post.


2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Walter – So glad to hear you are settling in. I hope your host family is wonderful. Perhaps they will speak a little English – the Mongolian language sounds rather hard! Good luck and stay warm. I look forward to your future posts. Love B

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