Information Politics II

I’m about to leave in a couple days for the second nomadic home stay. I’m currently trying to register for courses and am recovering from my first wrestling practice. I just wrote a paper on information politics and now I’m sick of the subject but here are some interesting highlights. Major ethnic groups place themselves politically […]

Information Politics

Perhaps it’s because I recently read Accelerando and that has instilled me with an appreciation of technology’s future, but I’ve been increasingly interested in the distribution and use of information. As a general principle I approve of free information, not even the distribution of copy written material which is a much more complex and sinister subject (where […]

Random Notes

Linguistic Thoughts Mongolian is still hard, and I’m a little frustrated by the lack of educational organization. I came from Latin which has been codified for centuries, so I was even annoyed by Russian which has at least been a very significant language recently so has received some linguistic analysis. Mongolian however doesn’t seem to have much […]