Have Deel will Travel

So I just spent the last nine days in the middle of nowhere (48.38625N,108.67465E for those that missed the text. You can plug the coordinates directly into Google Earth to see the valley I was in). We were on our first nomadic home stay with a community of herders in the Tov Province of Mongolia.

The camp I stayed at from a nearby mountain.

Host Family. Mother, father and child. The ger (yurt is the turkish word) on the right belonged to the father’s parents.

My faithful steed. I thought of it as the damn slowest horse in the universe. I found out later it was probably trained to be slow to teach children.

They had satellite tv and a solar panel for electricity. Also some lights and a radio.

Drunk guy sleeping on the doorstep. This guy was the village drunk, nearly everyone in the group saw him show up at their house, nearly fall off his horse, and request booze. The booze by the way was a sort of vodka made from fermenting milk. It wasn’t too bad and not very strong. Reminded me of sake.

Me in deel, the traditional clothing and riding boots. I wore it a lot. It’s very warm. The picture was taken by my host father, I have no idea why its unfocused. This is inside the ger.


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