A few cultural notes

-Thumbs up still means good. However, little finger means bad and middle finger means mediocre. This is a good way to describe stuff if your language skills are low and is used a lot. The rude gesture is thumb between fore and middle fingers .

-It’s very rude for a guest to pee in the house outside the bathroom. This is bad enough that the host will need to go to a monastery to get the house purified. Unfortunately there have been students on this program who had a bad habit of getting drunk and soiling themselves. Don’t do this in Mongolia. It makes people very angry.

-If you step on someone’s feet you shake hands with them to apologize. This doesn’t really apply on the buses.

-Men’s hats, sashes, and belts don’t touch the floor. Also jackets should not be on the floor, and should lay with the neck facing away from the door. It’s a respect thing. Also the wrestling uniforms are to be treated with respect and not touch shoes or be place anywhere with bad energy. Bad energy place include the floor or bathrooms.

-On a bus you give the seats to older people, particularly older women. They get really pushy if, after waking you up with a whack from their handback, you give them a blank and somewhat groggy look.

-Feet off tables.


One thought on “A few cultural notes

  1. Walter, I really enjoyed your cultural notes. Please continue in this vein with useful information. I can really sympathize with the old ladies and their powerful handbags on the buses.

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