Mongolian Wrestling

I joined a Mongolian wrestling club. There are no pictures. There may or may not ever be pictures of me in that goofy outfit. The important part is how it fits in with the world grappling martial arts.

It bears the most similarity to Judo. Its all stand up and you win by take down. A take down is when you can get the opponents knees elbows, back, or head to touch the groups. Like Judo there is a uniform designed for hand holds, but its very different, providing a very unfamiliar system of handholds. It took me about two hours to get a vague idea of how the system of holds worked. I kind of miss my gi. It made sense to me.

All joint locks are illegal. So basically, all of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. There goes my favorite martial art.

A lot of American wrestling is also no good, even some of the stand up. You can’t take a decent shoot without dropping a knee so I’ve been doing a lot of weird high singles.

Anyway, I’m off tomorrow. Peace out. Watch the Ansible.


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