Another Monastery

This is stuff from the monastery in Har Horin. I have a project due tomorrow so discussion of religion in Mongolia will have to wait.

Prayer wheels.The temple.Monks inside the temple. Chanting. The chants are written on little slips of paper and as they go through the chant the flip slowly through a stack of these little slips. The colors are weird because this is someone else’s camera and they were messing with something.Walls of the monastery. Along the walls are a series of stupas.


3 thoughts on “Another Monastery

    • Hi Borte. Yeah, I did snag some of your pictures. I think I forgot to take pictures of this one or something.

      As for blogs, I think you, me, and Elizabeth were the only ones to keep consistant blogs. Laura and Tyler both started blogs and then only posted a couple times. Coty of course did her weird post-facto blog a year later.

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