Монгол Бѳх

So I’m starting to get the hang of Mongolian Wrestling. Pictures will be forthcoming. They will look ridiculous. But hey, dignity is overrated. I will be doing my Independent Study Project on Mongolian wrestling and I hope to do a thesis comparing it to say American wrestling.

As I mentioned before, the wrestling is all stand up, you win by take down. Take down counts when head, back, knees, or elbows touch the ground. The uniform is extremely important. It functions like a a gi, providing a series of holds. It is however very different from a gi, in that the holds are all very different. You can grab the shoulder where the sleeve begins, the belt/rope, the underwear thing, and either the top or bottom of the back. Because of how strong the holds are, much of the hand fighting is about prevention. Getting someone off a hold is hard and takes certain techniques. The wrestling “push them away” tactic is ineffective. Trips, throws, and high shots are the main attacks. Naturally only high shots are working for me, but I’m starting to get the hang of trips for the first time.

There are no weight classes, but the club I’m in is very relaxed so there are groups of people my size that I can wrestling with. Some of them are high schoolers and some of them still destroy me. But I beat a couple guys my age yesterday. So life is good.

Finally I injured my wrist a bit, I think a bone bruise. Turns out all the falling techniques that they teach in judo are very useful for situations when you don’t have a mat. I really should have paid more attention to them.

There are a couple holidays where they have wrestling matches. The most significant is Naadam, which is in the summer. Here, if it works, is a video of a match at Naadam.


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