There’s an interesting obsession with nice cars and fashion in Ulaanbaatar. While in the countryside a sweet ride was your motorcycle and your nice clothing was a clean deel, in UB people love their fashion and slick cars. This seems a little odd from people who live in tiny apartments with no beds and step […]

One Mystery Is Solved and Another is Found

I think that is a description of the best day possible. I now understand why Mongolian wrestling uniforms are…. what they are. They began, literally thousands of years ago, as a deel and pants. They had minimal standard rules so people could do what they wanted. And as in most cloth martial arts (Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) having […]

Cave Canem

“There was one species on Terra that lived in very close symbiosis with the domesticated primates. This was a variety of domesticated canines called dogs. The dogs had learned to achieve a rough simulation of guilt and remorse and worry and other domesticated primate characteristics. The domesticated primates had learned how to achieve simulations of […]