By the time you read this, you probably know that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Its been a long time. I honestly thought he had died years ago. I’m also kind of unhappy about the reaction. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with celebrating someone’s death, no matter who it is. That is not to discount the significance of this. I really liked Obama’s speech, and how the whole thing was carried out.

I just went to the international hospital. I may have a broken wrist. They took x-rays and want to take an MRI. It doesn’t hurt that much so I suspect it will be ok soon. I have a brace now which is good.

The weather in Mongolia in the spring is inconsistant. We’ve had 80 degree heat and snow in the past week. It’s getting a little annoying. It’s even worse than spring in New England, though it is more consistant during the day, it just varies a lot from day to day.

The warm weather is bringing out the tourists, so I no longer feel like the only white kid in town. The ex pat culture in Mongolia is interesting. We found a bar last weekend called the Camel Toe (seriously, that’s its name) tended by a Canadian guy. He’d been there for five years and never bothered to learn the language. There’s a place called Cafe Amsterdam where all the ex pats go and people will just meet and ask about each other’s countries, mostly Europeans.

Anyway I have a paper to write.


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