Slightly More Subtle Things

There is a Lama, called the Lama of the Gobi, who has been incarnated in Mongolia five times (I believe others have claimed to be incarnates but haven’t been accepted as such. You have to pass some tests). The last incarnation, Dulduityn Danzanravjaa, was a very significant figure in Mongolian history. He started a number of social reforms, including public co-ed education, and gender equality. He was also a impressive poet, writer, doctor, and founded Mongolian theatre, writing the first Mongolian drama.

His mother died when he was very young and, as our guide said, “he spent his whole life missing his mother’s milk”. And apparently you can tell this from all of his writings. Thus he had these two stupas built, symbolizing breasts and maternity.

This fifth incarnation was an extremely significant figure and all of his belongings were stored and entrusted to a keeper, who kept track of them. The keeper was traditionally a Lama at one of the monasteries founded by the Lama of the Gobi and passed the history of the items and the Lama to an apprentice who would then become the keeper. During the purges the Keeper managed to grab most of the belongings and many items and documents from the monastery and bury them in the desert. He then lived as a herder, keeping his duty secret even from his family. He trained his grandson as the new keeper before his death. When Buddhism was legalized, the new keeper founded a museum, which I visited, to hold the objects.

Then we made a brief excursion to Tatooine. 

Those aren’t Stupas, thats a pod racing course.

It’s currently snowing in UB, which is just ridiculous. The weather needs to make up its mind. It was 80 degrees just a few days ago.


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