Wrist Injury

So I injured my wrist on the hard wooden floors of the wrestling gym. I continued to wrestle for a month, but rather than getting better, my wrist got worse. An x-ray and MRI later, a Bulgarian doctor told me in a thick accent that it was probably a contusion of cartilage or something in the wrist. He suggested a brace and 20 days rest. One of the SIT instructors/teachers/staff who had been helping me set up wrestling stuff, told me I shouldn’t wrestle. Mongolians, he said, would suck it up and continue, but I am weaker and should let it heal.

Fortunately, I’d been spending time with a bunch of Buddhist nuns for a project, so I am grateful for him for helping me understanding racism. It would be petty of me note that the Mongolian attitude of trying to tough out injuries has permanently crippled several people I’ve met (praeteritio, but true).

Anyway, I shouldn’t wrestle, I need this wrist working this summer.

Here is the x-ray for the curious and medically inclined. See if you can find my previous fracture.  


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