Shamballa Land and other Buddhist Sites

This is Shamballa Land. It is a reconstruction (yes, the Soviets were very thorough about destroying stuff) of a holy site built by the Lama of the Gobi. If you go there, it will be easier for you to reach enlightenment. Its mostly an empty space surrounded by Supas. There are places to make offerings also, including a spot to burn a piece of paper you’ve written your sins on. It represents the mouth of a hungry ghost.

This is Shammbala Land from the hillside.

Monks in this area have a tradition of doing long mediations/fasts. These caves here were used for long term mediation and fasting. Its in volcanic rock and one guide suggested the spiritual energy of the area comes from the fires of he volcanoes that formed the land. 

This is a statue of a monk that we found it in.

This is far more subtle than the other ones. This is a symbolic womb. We all went through it and are now symbolically siblings. 

This is an old one, from the second homestay. We saw a whole cliffside with carved and painted Buddhas all over it. It was on granite, some of the best crack climbing I’ve ever seen. I spent a lot of the time wishing I had ropes and gear. The Buddhas were cool too. It was a little like the Native American pictographs I saw in Utah. 


One thought on “Shamballa Land and other Buddhist Sites

  1. I think you might have meant “pieces of paper” that people had written their sins on. I could be wrong though.

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