One Mystery Is Solved and Another is Found

I think that is a description of the best day possible.

I now understand why Mongolian wrestling uniforms are…. what they are. They began, literally thousands of years ago, as a deel and pants. They had minimal standard rules so people could do what they wanted. And as in most cloth martial arts (Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) having less cloth is an advantage. So people made smaller jackets for wrestling, and shorter pants. And they had enough time to slowly shrink them to their currently size. Several other version of Mongolian wrestling use more or less pants or jacket.

The mystery is this. For some reason several books on Mongolian wrestling I have found argue a significant correlation between solar electromagnetic activity and the quality of wrestlers born that year. Once I get past the absurdity, I am struck by the question of why? Serious researchers have put effort into pseudo science explanations (Can’t read them, in Mongolian) or someone has a sense of human that I really like.

By the way, the world’s ending tomorrow.


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