The Way Back

So I recently watched the movie The Way Back. It’s a story about a group of men who escaped from a gulag and walked all the way to India. The hardest part of the journey is through the Gobi. There’s one part where they encounter a group of Mongolians, who they fear because Mongolia is Soviet by they point. The Mongolians ride up, ask a few questions, tell them they should really have horses, and leave.  A Mongolian kid stares at them for a minute and tosses them a bag of water. Then he rides off. It’s perfect.

Halfway through the movie, I remembered the my NOLS instructor, David Anderson had recreated this journey, only to find that the man on whom the story was based was actually in Poland at the time he was supposed to be traveling. However, there are accounts that suggest that someone did it. It’s a pretty incredible journey if they did do it. Here’s the trailer for the movie.

If you have not noticed that these posts have deteriorated in quality, I’m in the middle of my Independent Study Project on Mongolian Wrestling and am getting a little stressed out. But it’s coming along and I’m somewhat optimistic.


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