Kayaking In the Cold

Yesterday I went kayaking on the Ashuelot River in New Hampshire. I went with some gentlemen I knew from the UMass pool sessions. It turned out they were part of a larger group of kayakers about my father’s age, including a Amherst Physics professor. It was cold too. I’d play in holes and surf out because I really didn’t want to flip over. I did get some good spinning in, which was fun. It’s a good river. I came late and joined at one of the dams for the lower portion of the river. Sadly I didn’t bring my camera, but I’ll put up pictures of similar incidents.

It looked a lot like this. (Actual picture was somewhere in NY last year.)

Unlike this picture, I didn't actually have gloves. Poor call.

There was surfing. And spinning. There were a couple really good waves below one of the dams. (Actual picture was Wave-O this year)

We looked at some drops, but the drops we looked at were dams. And we didn’t run them. (Actual picture is of Jeff on the Mettawee)

For the record, Jeff ran this after looking at it. He also ran all the dams on the Ash.

There was also a lot of glare. Sometimes it was hard to see. (Actual picture was also in NY, last year. This was from one of the first days I was really appreciated my prescription sunglasses.)

At one point there was a fly fisherman. We nearly didn’t see him because of aforementioned glare. (Actual picture is of Myric in Alaska.)


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