Kayaking with Squirrels

So we went kayaking at Wave-O a few weeks ago and I never put up pictures. Wave-O-Saurus, named for the dinosaur footprints nearby, was pretty low. It was a good level for practicing things, and I improved my spinning a lot. I also played around with the hand paddles which came in handy. These are some pictures that Sollie took of a certain episode involving a squirrel.

So we’re playing in the hole and having fun. I’m using my hand paddles and showing off. There may have been a group of people who came for the fossilized footprints who came to watch us.

But then Hana saw something swimming in the water! It’s a squirrel. It actually managed to swim through the rapid and is still going strong.

But the squirrel wasn’t pleased with its situation. It really wanted to get out of the water. Its desire for dry land overcame its fear of humans and it swam over to Hana and Sollie. It tried to climb onto Hana’s and Sollie’s boats but couldn’t. They didn’t want to pick it up for fear it would bite them or something.

I was surfing at the time and missed this. But when I saw a small animal in danger and paddled over.

I I scooped him up with my hand paddles and awkwardly paddled one handedly over to shore.


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