Another Try

I’ve decided to try writing this blog again. I think it will be a good exercise in communication and writing…etc. It seems everyone and their mother has a blog these days, either to record their post graduation adventures, complain about post graduation problems, or babble about some hobby. I’m pretty sure this will primarily consist of the second since I don’t have any current adventures. There might be a side of the the third option since I do like talking about my hobbies (kayaking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, etc). My predilection for social commentary could also be referred to as a hobby, which will also be a significant theme in this blog.

To start this off, I’m going to talk about the media’s reaction to the new iphone 5. I haven’t read extensively, but I have noticed several blogs making fun of the concept. They seem to center around the point that iphones haven’t changed much between models. Despite this, people seem to want new ones.

And on ABC they tested to see if anyone really cared how it was different from the iphone 4. They gave iphone 4s to a bunch of random people and told them they were iphone 5s.

Perhaps the recognition of the absurdity of the fetishism of Apple products comes from Apple’s repeated claims to novelty. Every “new” product is described as paradigm shifting, game changing, or revolutionary. And while a couple of them were, the iphone 5 clearly is not.


One thought on “Another Try

  1. I would agree. Is the iPhone 5 revolutionary? No. Does it adhere to a very smart business plan of cyclical, product feature losses and gains (back-lit keyboards, the 4S not having 4GLTE so that the iPhone 5 would be marketable, Apple Maps…) that would stimulate a die-hard fan base to believe that they are simultaneously buying into a near-perfect system, even though a newer one in the future will be somehow far superior each time? Yes.

    As much as the proprietary nature of a lot of Apple products bother me (The new charger port that could have been mini-USB. My mac has Thunderbolt but no easy way to connect to VGA or HDMI. It takes extra steps to withdraw raw data from iPhoto or to get access to your contacts on your iPhone…), I think that Apple is very good at making products that consumers want (or can be convinced that they need) and they know the compelling nature of a unique, integrated, all-inclusive product line.

    Having a new, unique, reversible charger is easier to pitch and sell even though it is far more of a consumer inconvenience than having mini-USB or having a sped-up version of the old charging port so that people could continue to use their older peripheral devices. Apple Maps sounds great in product promos but doesn’t compare to Google Maps in reality.

    “Mapocalypse/Map Flap” will blow over soon. iPhone 5 call quality varies a lot but the processor so is much faster than the older ones, the new iPhone is hard to say no to. Apple might not be redefining the cell phone world this year but with their current legal battles, you can be sure that they’re defending the territory that they do have and that they’re going to have a comfortable stake in the consumer electronics industry for quite some time.

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