What’s in a Word?

There’s a fake Morgan Freeman quote that’s been going around the internet. It was somewhat popular before it was attributed to Morgan Freedman, but it probably exploded once it was attached to the famous actor:

The twitter account is a parody that is supposed to portray the opinions of the character God that Morgan Freeman played in Bruce Almighty. It’s a perfect tweet, succinct, clear, and expresses something that’s occurred to a lot of people. It also lets people express their hate of homophobes or prove how hip and progressive they are by hating on homophobes.

However, I feel that that the sentiment itself is unjust. Homophobia is about fear. A pretty good discussion of the subject can be found here, but I’m going to follow the wise words of Yoda and say that fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate. And I feel that this brings out some of the fundamental absurdity of homophobia, being scared of gay people. I’m tempted to explore why someone would be threatened by the concept of homosexuality, mostly because it erodes the ideology of masculinity and breaks down gender categories. However, I personally like thinking about the fact that people expressing homophobic attitudes are literally scared of gay people.


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