A few weekends ago I went spelunking with two New Zealanders in Tory’s Cave in Western CT. It was a marble cave and not all that big. We found the end of it within maybe half an hour. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun, particularly since I’d never been spelunking before.

I was with these guys, at this cave.

Kiwi Ollie and Kiwi Ben

I was there too.


There were two large chambers at the beginning with several tunnels leading off of them. One of them had some interesting graffiti. We initially took the path downward that went deeper into the cave.

The downward tunnel quickly turned into crawling on my belly in the dirt. I developed the urge to lose weight for the first time since wrestling in high school. I spent much of this time looking at Ollie’s feet and pink shorts (should have worn pants). The ending was disappointing, lacking even the room to turn around.

There was also a brief section of mud that we had to waddle through. To put off going through it I took some pictures of the guys on the other side.

After awkwardly wiggling back, we went about exploring some of the smaller offshoots. Two of the largest tunnels went upward. In one of the larger tunnels we found a lot of some sparkly mineral. I suspect it is just a kind of mica, but can’t prove it. It also looked a little like fool’s gold.

While I was trying to get my camera to take pictures inside the cave (a non-trivial feat), one of my companions dropped his drawers and mooned me. I now have several pictures of his bare bottom. Great. I will however spare all of you that sight.

Shiny stuff

I saw a couple batches of really beautiful marble. While most of the cave was dirty, crumbly and uneventful, the beautiful white marble practically glowed in dim light.

Interesting rock formations.

All the pictures that I took that came out well.


One thought on “Spelunking

  1. Sweet as bro! I love how you have put this together, people don’t take the time much anymore, you are keeping it alive! And your welcome for those underground moon picture :P. Kiwi Ben

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