Let It Rain

Other kayakers will recognize the name Let It Rain as the title of the famous guide to the white water in New England. They are probably thinking the same thing, hoping that the rain from hurricane Sandy will bring water to our rivers. Hopefully Sandy will fail to destroy anything important and fill our dry rivers with much needed water.

In preparation for the flood waters of Sandy, the Deerfield river had some releases on the Dryway, meaning that a river section usually dry till more planned releases in the summer was up and running. We ran it at around 1200 CFS the first time and the fourth time, on day two, we ran it at around 800. The Dryway is a very different beast at different levels. The high water was enough to make me wish for a creek boat. My playboat often swamped and flipped over for relatively little turbulence. One of my friends got trashed in a hole that we normally surf. His GoPro took pictures every half second or so, giving him a good idea of what happened. Although he thought he had been underwater for a minute, he’d only been under for fifteen seconds or so.


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