My Rope Swing in a Timberland Commercial

My cousin and I made a rope swing several years ago out of an old Hobicat mast. The water it swung into was a little shallow, from four to seven feet deep and it was hard to get enough momentum to land safely. This was exaggerated when the mast broke a few years later and we transitioned the rope to a nearby tree. While more reliable than the mast, the tree swung into enough shallower water. In general, we kind of gave up on it.



However, when our neighbors lent their land to Timberland to film some cheesy commercials, they neglected to describe the boundaries of their property. Thus, Timberland now has a couple ads featuring kids swinging on my rope swing. My older sister saw the commercial on the TV in Argentina.

Hopefully we’ll manage to get some cash or at least a pair of shoes out of this.


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