Return of the Travel Blog

So it seems this particular internet publication will switch focus yet again to international travel. This is probably good because no one seemed interested in anything else (over half of my views are from people searching for pictures of Ulaanbaatar. Go figure). Unfortunately, while I’ve been in the fascinating country of Kenya and am now in the extremely picturesque London, my camera ran out of battery and I seem to have lost the cord for it. I have also discovered that of the eight kinds of USB port it is one of the most rare: USB 2.0 Type B mini 4 position. After some fruitless searching a knowledgable Indian man in an electronics store told me that it could only be ordered online. So pictures will not be appearing for a few days except for some that I have stolen from others. Hopefully I will have the care to credit them appropriately. This for example was taken by Della Connelly.



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