Issues of Copyright

Copyright law is frustrating because it is both a space where government policy and current discourse fail to understand the realities of modern technology and also a space that is actively manipulated by large corporations. It’s ethically problematic, because its not clearly benign the way gay marriage is, but its also not harmful the way […]

Homemade Guns: Printed and Improvised

As our government debates gun control I thought I’d consider some of the curious questions that arise. One of the most pressing issues is the possibility of 3D printed guns. Which is to say, the issue of 3D printed guns because they already exist. Cody R. Wilson and his compatriots have designed such a gun […]

What’s in a Word?

There’s a fake Morgan Freeman quote that’s been going around the internet. It was somewhat popular before it was attributed to Morgan Freedman, but it probably exploded once it was attached to the famous actor: The twitter account is a parody that is supposed to portray the opinions of the character God that Morgan Freeman […]

Another Try

I’ve decided to try writing this blog again. I think it will be a good exercise in communication and writing…etc. It seems everyone and their mother has a blog these days, either to record their post graduation adventures, complain about post graduation problems, or babble about some hobby. I’m pretty sure this will primarily consist of the […]

Portal 2 and Diaspora

Two important pieces of software have been produced recently Diaspora and Portal 2. Diaspora is an open source social networking system that has been in development for a while. I’m currently signed up for the alpha version so I suspect that the real version won’t be up for a while more. It was produced as a response […]


Today someone was told me that they hated that vapidity of internet culture and argued that this was part of a larger cultural trend that would no longer produce beautiful or complex things. As a general rule I disregard doomsayers because people have thought the world would end for a very long time. I strongly suspect […]