Surfing at T-Ville

A few weeks ago I went surfing at T-Ville with Sollie, Mickhale, and Laura. Fortunately for the rest of us, Laura was inclined to take photos and video which I was finally able to get ahold of. The water level was shallow, so trying cartwheels or a loops led to unwanted contact between bow and rock. Nevertheless, […]

Presidential Inauguration

As I typed that, I realized that the word inaugurate must come from latin and refer to augury. Inauguro means to “approve based on the omens,” which usually refers to the flight of birds. This realization places the ceremony at hand in a slightly different light, the acceptance of Amherst College’s new president, Biddy Martin. […]

A Change

I’m splitting up this blog into two. This one will be pictures and stories from kayaking, climbing and school. There other will be the random bits of post-modernist cultural theory, technology, and transhumanism that I get excited about. It will be here. It will likely be less coherent. Also I’m going to try to use […]


So I’ve recently acquired the infamous toe shoes.  And went running with them for the first time. They really do work a different set of muscles. My calves are cramped like crazy. Hopefully that will go away. I really like how they work the muscles in my feet and generally how they feel.There’s something of […]