End of the World

In my last post I briefly mocked Harold Bloom for predicting the end of good literature. To some extent I just wanted to make a pun on his name (“Harold of the Apocalypse”), but I also think that doomsaying is fascinating phenomenon while simultaneously a sort of cognitive fallacy. Whether people predict the whole kit […]

The Neurological Turn

There’s been a something of a neuroscience fad going around the popular science world. A reasonable example that I found recently is Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and Biology of Belief, which claimed to show how the brain is set up to accept religion. This sounded compelling, but by the time I was a […]

The Value of “Life Lessons”

There’s been a lot of talk about life lessons among my peers. Now that we are fully fledged adults, we are somewhat without guidance and the idea of good advice is very attractive. I’ve seen several collections of advice from various famous “successful” people. While I appreciate the sentiment of sharing what we perceive as valuable concepts, I’m […]

Another Try

I’ve decided to try writing this blog again. I think it will be a good exercise in communication and writing…etc. It seems everyone and their mother has a blog these days, either to record their post graduation adventures, complain about post graduation problems, or babble about some hobby. I’m pretty sure this will primarily consist of the […]