Homemade Guns: Printed and Improvised

As our government debates gun control I thought I’d consider some of the curious questions that arise. One of the most pressing issues is the possibility of 3D printed guns. Which is to say, the issue of 3D printed guns because they already exist. Cody R. Wilson and his compatriots have designed such a gun […]

Movie Review: Looper

[Spoiler Alert: I don’t actually describe the plot in detail, but I might give away some things] A couple years ago a movie came out called Priest. It was a crappy action movie that was at turns hilarious, fun, incoherent, and bizarre in a way that was sad, unpleasant, and fascinating, like a frog with six legs. […]

Another Try

I’ve decided to try writing this blog again. I think it will be a good exercise in communication and writing…etc. It seems everyone and their mother has a blog these days, either to record their post graduation adventures, complain about post graduation problems, or babble about some hobby. I’m pretty sure this will primarily consist of the […]