When is Humor Abusive?

In the wake of the violent attack on Charlie Hebdo, millions of people have been cheering for the magazine as a bastion of free-speech in the face of intolerance and violent censorship. But many moderate French muslims have pointed out that while they disagree with the violent attack, they still find the satirical depiction of Muhammad to be offensive. […]

Homemade Guns: Printed and Improvised

As our government debates gun control I thought I’d consider some of the curious questions that arise. One of the most pressing issues is the possibility of 3D printed guns. Which is to say, the issue of 3D printed guns because they already exist. Cody R. Wilson and his compatriots have designed such a gun […]

The Big Five

I’m told that all the tourists who come to Kenya are filled with the desire to see five particular animals, called The Big Five. Included are Lions, elephants, rhinos, water buffalo and leopards. I’m reminded of the Mongolian Five Snouts (sheep, camels, goats, horses, and cattle) but I digress. I was extremely fortunate in that, while at the […]

Return of the Travel Blog

So it seems this particular internet publication will switch focus yet again to international travel. This is probably good because no one seemed interested in anything else (over half of my views are from people searching for pictures of Ulaanbaatar. Go figure). Unfortunately, while I’ve been in the fascinating country of Kenya and am now […]

Narcolepsy: Part One

My senior year of high school I developed a strange problem in physics class. I would become bored and drowsy. I would lose my ability to follow everything that was said, but I would be able to copy down anything written on the board. I started having blank spots in my memory, not black outs […]

Styles of Narrative

I recently spoke with my brother about the structure of The Hobbit and why it’s different from contemporary fantasy. It’s a funny question because it is a massive understatement to say that Tolkien inspired a much of contemporary fantasy. Arguably neo-Tolkienism is a sub-genre in and of itself. A good point of comparison is Eragon,  not because its […]