Return of the Travel Blog

So it seems this particular internet publication will switch focus yet again to international travel. This is probably good because no one seemed interested in anything else (over half of my views are from people searching for pictures of Ulaanbaatar. Go figure). Unfortunately, while I’ve been in the fascinating country of Kenya and am now […]

Narcolepsy: Part One

My senior year of high school I developed a strange problem in physics class. I would become bored and drowsy. I would lose my ability to follow everything that was said, but I would be able to copy down anything written on the board. I started having blank spots in my memory, not black outs […]

Styles of Narrative

I recently spoke with my brother about the structure of The Hobbit and why it’s different from contemporary fantasy. It’s a funny question because it is a massive understatement to say that Tolkien inspired a much of contemporary fantasy. Arguably neo-Tolkienism is a sub-genre in and of itself. A good point of comparison is Eragon,  not because its […]

Movie Review: Looper

[Spoiler Alert: I don’t actually describe the plot in detail, but I might give away some things] A couple years ago a movie came out called Priest. It was a crappy action movie that was at turns hilarious, fun, incoherent, and bizarre in a way that was sad, unpleasant, and fascinating, like a frog with six legs. […]

The Neurological Turn

There’s been a something of a neuroscience fad going around the popular science world. A reasonable example that I found recently is Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and Biology of Belief, which claimed to show how the brain is set up to accept religion. This sounded compelling, but by the time I was a […]

Surfing at T-Ville

A few weeks ago I went surfing at T-Ville with Sollie, Mickhale, and Laura. Fortunately for the rest of us, Laura was inclined to take photos and video which I was finally able to get ahold of. The water level was shallow, so trying cartwheels or a loops led to unwanted contact between bow and rock. Nevertheless, […]