End of the World

In my last post I briefly mocked Harold Bloom for predicting the end of good literature. To some extent I just wanted to make a pun on his name (“Harold of the Apocalypse”), but I also think that doomsaying is fascinating phenomenon while simultaneously a sort of cognitive fallacy. Whether people predict the whole kit […]


There’s an interesting obsession with nice cars and fashion in Ulaanbaatar. While in the countryside a sweet ride was your motorcycle and your nice clothing was a clean deel, in UB people love their fashion and slick cars. This seems a little odd from people who live in tiny apartments with no beds and step […]

Random Notes

Linguistic Thoughts Mongolian is still hard, and I’m a little frustrated by the lack of educational organization. I came from Latin which has been codified for centuries, so I was even annoyed by Russian which has at least been a very significant language recently so has┬áreceived┬ásome linguistic analysis. Mongolian however doesn’t seem to have much […]