What I will remember

The spray of blood from fighting pit bulls. Doves flying around the golden statue. The scream of goats being combed. The buttery taste of roasted fat. The dry leathery hands of the shaman I met on the street. The taste of fresh blood sausage. The jolt of a horse stumbling in a marmot hole. The way […]

Building a Ger

We learned to put up our own ger for the final excursion. Someone decided that we could figure it out on our own, so it took about two hours longer than it would if we knew what we were doing. It seems you rig up the lattice around the sids first. Then you hold up […]

One Mystery Is Solved and Another is Found

I think that is a description of the best day possible. I now understand why Mongolian wrestling uniforms are…. what they are. They began, literally thousands of years ago, as a deel and pants. They had minimal standard rules so people could do what they wanted. And as in most cloth martial arts (Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) having […]